open eyes research was founded in 2002 and considers itself a provider of exploratory consultations.
We strive to show not only how the consumers/users behave and what they really think but also give our customers suggestions on how these insights can be implemented in order to optimally contribute to the success of the product/the brand.

And we will even go a step further:
The best innovations are substantiated by profound insights into the consumers’ lives and needs. We therefore support several of our customers in their innovation processes as well – starting with a consolidation of the generally numerous available consumer insights, the joint derivation of innovation fields, the conception and execution of tailor-made creative workshops all the way to the development of testable product and positioning ideas.

At the same time, open eyes is aware that even in market research and innovation support, everyone proceeds pretty similarly, regardless of which psychological orientation they adhere to. What ultimately matters are the competence, commitment, personality and background knowledge of the project managers. At open eyes research as a manufactory agency, this is unique and noticeable in every project.